• Barefoot Contessa; Sorry Jeffery

    InaGartenChapelHillRight now I’m watching Food Network and an episode of Barefoot Contessa is on.  This is actually a “special” episode called “Barefoot in London.”  Ina Garten and her husband Jeffery travel to London and go on some food adventures.  I like that Ina, like me, says “food adventures” to describe exploring the food in a city.

    I don’t know how much of this show is “real” and how much is “staged” in regards to Ina and Jeffery’s relationship.  No matter, I think they are such cute people.  The premise of the show is basically Ina cooking for her husband and/or some friends.  Of all the cooking based shows on TV, this is one of my favorites.  I like that it’s always happy and pleasant and Ina usually cooks really good food.  This particular episode is similar in that Ina is getting all of her inspirations for her meal preparation from this London trip.

    Honestly, I’m finding this “Barefoot in London” pretty funny.  Not a “haha” funny, but more of a “smiling and shaking my head” funny.”  Let me break this down.  Jeffery tells Ina that for her holiday gift, he is going to take her on a trip to London.  When they arrive, the two are eating breakfast together and Ina surprises Jeffery with a personal double decker tour bus ride.  Ina then explains that the bus tour is specifically for Jeffery while Ina goes to a chocolatier to make chocolates and go on some other food adventures.  Basically, your husband plans a European vacation and you take over by sending him off on his own so that you can explore the food.  Why can’t Jeffery come?  Why does he need to ride around on a huge 2 floor bus all by himself?  Is he sad?  Does he want to do this?  Does he feel left out?  Well, Ina seemed to have made up for it because she stopped into a specialty market before meeting Jeffery back on the bus and brought him a sample cheese straw that she was given.  Jeffery was smiling from ear to ear, so he must be a huge cheese straw fan.

    There’s obviously much more to this episode.  Ina cooks too!  And it’s making me really hungry.  She prepares a holiday lunch for her friends putting an “Ina spin” on meals she had during her London trip.  Though I have yet to attempt to make any of the food from this episode, there are a few recipes that I am looking forward to preparing soon.  My number one is probably the Rosemary Roasted Potatoes.  The Holiday Sticky Buns look incredible too, I’d just make these without the pecans.

    If you click the link that follows, you will be able to view all of the recipes from “Barefoot in London.” Recipes  I must warn you though, the cheese straw recipe is not listed on this page.  Sorry Jeffery.


    *Photo from www.wikimedia.org
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