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       Sometimes there are so many options of places to eat, that it feels impossible to make a decision.  This happens to me at home and on vacation.  I am always keeping lists of places I want to try.  I know for a fact that I’m not the only one with this problem, because of the development of TimeSet.  This is an App that can help you with this decision making process!

    When I travel, I often spend hours researching “best restaurant” articles online to get an idea of where to eat.  Then, I write the name down, and usually forget what it was that I liked about the restaurant.  Is it known for great burgers?   Does it have a nice brunch menu?  Was that the place with the famous desserts?

    With TimeSet, you can view popular restaurants (and travel spots) that other users recommend.  TimeSet is it’s own community where you can create lists of places you want to visit, eat at, and explore with the help of your peers.  It’s a great way to help narrow down some of those dinner options too!

    Here are some of examples and suggestions.  To find more information, you can learn about the app here: http://www.timeset.com/


    where to eat – cup & cup

    Coffee Shops


    where to eat: Bedford & Co


    where to eat - Vanderbilt Market

    where to eat – Vanderbilt Market


    Food Halls/Markets


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  1. Ellen says:

    Great post!! This app sounds very useful and helpful.

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