• Holiday Season Gift Ideas

    There are always presents you need to buy during the holiday season for people who you don’t know very well.  Those people typically include the staff at your hair salon, the receptionists at your dentist’s office, and your vet.  Well, not actually your vet, but the vet you use for your animals.  Money can seem inappropriate for these special relationship dynamics.  So, the question now becomes, “what do I get these gift receivers?”

    If you thought the answer was going to be something other than food, you’re reading the wrong blog.  Give people food!  Give me food!  Food is one of the three basic means for survival.  Okay, that was a bit dramatic, but still, food!

    Please don’t think I am suggesting anyone make a roast and bring a slow cooker into the hair salon.  I’m not advocating any kind of kitchen labor that requires Tupperware containers that will never be returned.  In the same respect, we all know what grocery store cupcakes taste like, so before you run out and pick up some crappy baked goods with a sugary Santa on top, let’s discuss some more rational options.


      Compartes is a gourmet chocolatier based out of Los Angeles.  The chocolate bars feature some of the most unique flavors and are all wrapped in artistic printed foils and boxes.  Compartes is also known for their beautiful truffles and other chocolate items like dipped fruits.  https://compartes.com/

    Bliss and Baker

      Bliss and Baker creates artisanal rice crispies.  You can purchase a gift box of crispies and currently, the company is offering special holiday flavors like Peppermint and Sugar Cookie.  These cute desserts are made in San Diego, CA and orders made before December 16th will arrive by Christmas.  http://blissandbaker.com/

    Fatty Sundays 

      Fatty Sundays makes dozens of different flavored chocolate covered pretzels.  These pretzel rods can be dipped in a variety of chocolates and coated with tons of different toppings.  They are aesthetically pleasing and the mix of sweet and salty is delicious!  https://fattysundays.com/

    Gotham Cookies 

      Gotham Cookies is based out of NYC, specializing in gourmet fresh baked cookies.  The flavors range from chocolate chunk to salted caramel to red velvet.  There are seasonal options available as well.  You can order cookie boxes of 12 or 18 and there are even vegan and gluten-free options.  http://gothamcookies.com/


      An MdoughW is a cookie cup.  Most flavors are stuffed with another cookie or treat inside, such as brownies, rainbow cookies and cookies & creme.  You will be shipped a DIY kit containing the options of your choosing for icing flavors and toppings.  MdoughW also sells cookie dough jars with alternating layers of fudge or buttercream frosting.  http://www.mdoughw.com/

    Mini Melanie

      Mini Melanie offers bite-sized desserts.  The truffles are made from delicious chocolate and come in a variety of cake flavors.  Each truffle is beautifully decorated like a piece of jewelry and shines when you open the box!  If you want to order these before Christmas, make sure to place your order by December 15th.  https://minimelanie.com/

    Squish Marshmallows 

      Squish Marshmallows are hands down my favorite marshmallows.  The flavors are delicious and unique, plus the packaging is really cute.  You can order bags of small batch, hand cut marshmallows in seasonal flavors like Peppermint Bark or Gingerbread for Holiday delivery.  Just make sure the order is in by December 17th.  http://www.squishmarshmallows.com/

    I’d like to wish everyone good luck on your holiday shopping escapades!

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  1. Shelly says:

    Some great and thoughtful choices. Eat up!

  2. Ellen says:

    Very helpful and great post!! Delicious choices!!

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