• Y’all, I Went To Charleston!

      A few weekends ago I was in Charleston, SC.  I had a bachelorette party there and it was my first time in the real south.  I don’t really consider Atlanta or Florida “the South.”  I think most people exclude those areas when referencing “the South.”  I’m not sure why and it’s not really that important to this story. 

    Obviously something that Charleston is well known for is Southern Hospitality.  Everyone was extra friendly and eager to help.  Of course that got me to thinking about the crime and murder rate.  Like, are people polite when they rob you?  “Hey y’all, sorry to be a bother, but I’ma need to take your wallets and fine jewelry, thank you kindly.” 

    I was really excited to visit Charleston because I had heard a lot of great things about the city.  I am also guilty of watching the show on Bravo TV, “Southern Charm,” so I wanted to know if I’d recognize some of the places.  Charleston has a positive following within the foodie community and as I quickly learned from speaking to the locals, rooftop bars are VERY popular.  Also, my version of speaking to the locals is the hotel concierge and my taxi driver.  Since this trip was a bachelorette party, I wasn’t exactly in charge of my own food destiny, so I definitely do not think I experienced the food scene in Charleston that I personally would have wanted.  Each place we ate at was delicious, but I found for me, the menus were extremely limiting (not that that is really something new for A Picky Eater). 

      Night one was a sushi restaurant named O-Ku.  The menu is probably incredible for people who love sushi and seafood.  It appeared that there were tons of options that my friends were happy with.  I had a bit more of a challenge.  My order was along the lines of:

    “I’m allergic to peanuts and to sesame seeds.  I also don’t eat sushi or any fish or seafood.  So I’ll have an order of the edamame, the fried vegetarian egg roll and can I order the braised ribs without the crushed peanuts on top?  Oh also, what’s in the fried rice?  Is this enough food?”

    Turned out to be more than plenty of food and couldn’t finish any of it.  Everything was really delicious.  The place also had a lively bar and amazing live entertainment.  There was a DJ who played the violin along to the music he was playing.  It was all popular, well-known songs and he was really unbelievable.  O-Ku was a very cool place over all.

    The second night of the trip we went to an Italian restaurant, Indaco.  I thought this restaurant was absolutely delicious.  All six of us ordered the house salad which contained baby lettuces, tomatoes, radishes, and a parmesan dressing.  I was also quite insistent on ordering a Margherita Pizza for the table.  I have a hard time resisting words like Fresh Mozzarella and San Marzano Tomato Sauce.  Let me just say, this pizza was just as good as any other pizza I’ve had from a wood fired oven in New York.  It had a thin crispy crust, but was still soft enough that it didn’t break in your hand.  Plus the pizza had a great flavor.  For my entree I ordered the Cavetelli Cacio e Pepe.  Fan-freakin-tastic!  Believe it or not I didn’t find it too peppery.  I mean, there was definitely a lot of pepper, but not like burning my throat hot. 

    Lastly, night three, was dinner at Hank’s Seafood.  Hank’s looked like a very old school steakhouse with the dark wood floors and paneling and the staff wearing white chef coats.  Since the name of the restaurant had the word “seafood” in it, I wasn’t exactly anticipating an endless selection of menu items for myself.  The beef tenderloin, the only steak entree on the menu, was already predetermined to be mine.  I had mashed potatoes and fried green tomatoes with the steak and all of it was delicious.  Again, would have liked another option or two, but I was happy with what I was able to order.  The service at Hank’s was excellent as well.  Everyone was extremely accommodating and friendly and very attentive to the table, but not in an annoying hovering way.

    Other stops I made during my weekend included Henrietta’s at The Dewberry Hotel where I had brunch two mornings (a cheddar biscuit with homemade strawberry jam and a fresh fruit salad).  We had dessert one night at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.  I ordered the mini flight of three ice creams so I could taste multiple flavors (Cookies and Cream, Mocha Black Cherry & The Darkest Chocolate).  Before hitting the beach, I picked up a vanilla bean yogurt parfait at Go Go Greens.  I requested extra fruit on top and drizzled on a ton of honey.  We also got brunch at Sweetwater Cafe, where I ordered an omelette, hash browns, and a biscuit.  Plus, the bride-to-be’s fiancé sent her a box of Glazed Gourmet Donuts so I got to try a few flavors! 

    All in all I’d say I did a great job enjoying the food adventures I went on and all were successful.  I will just have to go back to Charleston sometime soon so I can explore the dozens of other places I want to try! 

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  1. nana says:

    OMG It sounds fantastic
    Hope you had a wonderful time

  2. Shelly says:

    Been all over the south and love “southern hospitality ” but missed Charleston. Hope to get there one day.

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