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    This past weekend I had to deal with a not so wonderful cold.  I was all stuffed up and none of the food I was eating tasted right (the worst symptom of all!).  Tea was my new best friend until my parents were about to pick up the necessary ingredients to make homemade chicken soup.  Chicken soup always makes me feel better!  Since I was staying at their house, I was lucky enough to have my mom make me a fresh batch and she was lucky enough to get to try my new kitchen essential, the OmniRest!

    If you haven’t heard of OmniRest before, you’ll be glad to be reading this now!  OmniRest is a silicone mat for the kitchen countertop that can be used as a spoon rest and trivet while cooking.  It helps to keep your workspace clean and organized.  This is an especially useful tool to have when making soup!  The silicone rectangle has four oval slots for various utensils.  You can even use these spaces to separate ingredients while cooking.


    Making chicken soup this weekend was a much more organized experience than usual with the use of OmniRest.  The ladle, wooden spoon, and tongs could all be placed on the same space instead of causing drips on the floor or the counter.  Personally, I’d prefer to place a piece of 12″ x 10″ silicone in the dishwasher than have to wipe down an entire counter after preparing a meal.

    If you want to learn more about OmniRest, you can visit their website at https://theomnirest.com/.  You can purchase OmniRest on Amazon.com at this link: www.amazon.com/OmniRest and it’s available for Amazon Prime!


    After a bit of rest, some tea, and some soup, I am feeling all better!  My mom has decided an OmniRest is worth the investment for the kitchen, since I’ll be taking mine home with me!  Plus, we couldn’t overlook the fact that OmniRest donates 5% of their proceeds to Feeding America.  By purchasing an OmniRest you are helping yourself in the kitchen as well as helping to provide hunger relief across the United States.  I call that a win-win, so go get yourself an OmniRest!


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